Supercharged NISMO 370Z

Welcome back to Roads Untraveled! This week on the show we went on down to the great state of Georgia to meet up with the guys at Royalty Performance. They’ve been hard at work on this customer’s car, a 600+ WHP (700+ HP at the crank) supercharged Nissan Nismo 370Z. It’s currently running on a highly modified Stillen supercharger kit, with one of the most notable custom pieces being a billet wheel in the housing itself, as well as a much smaller billet pulley. This is good for 600+WHP on the dyno, and a car that is sure as hell to scream like a banshee at those higher RPMs. Feel free to check out the rest of what Royalty Performance has to offer here in the Atlanta area, as well as our other episodes we’ve filmed with them! Enjoy!



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