What Makes the Perfect Dream Garage?

//What Makes the Perfect Dream Garage?

Written By: Marcus Vandenberg


                  At some point in every automotive enthusiast’s life there comes a time when their dream garage is written down or debated amongst friends, and another time later in life when it is seriously considered and collected. Realistically that second bit only happens for the few seriously dedicated who possess the right motivation and execution. Whatever the case, I’m sure we can all relate to having “that poster” on our wall as a child of the one car we identified with the most. For me, it was the C5 Corvette Z06 and Lamborghini Diablo SV. I realize the Corvette isn’t the most exotic car, but being in grade 3 when it debuted and clueless about engines I fell in love with the shape and its history within America’s roots. For that, I give credit to quite possibly the one and only automotive text I read that wasn’t “Car and Driver” or “Motor Trend”: a book on every generation of the Corvette from the C1 all the way to the C5. I wish I could say the C5 Z06 is still top dog when it comes to obtaining vehicles for my future garage, but I’d be lying. Not to say I still wouldn’t love to have a 400hp V8 sports car in the driveway but as time goes on we all have new experiences and hopefully those aid in altering our perspective as well.

I’m going to give you a list of my dream garage as it sits today, in no particular order and no monetary barriers to stand in my way.
Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R


Toyota MR2 TRD 2000GT

1504413851_ec530a627d_o (1)

Aston Martin DBS 6-speed


Porsche 997 GT3 RS


Porsche 964 Turbo


Audi B7 RS4 6-speed


Ford Raptor 6.2L




                        You’ve more than likely heard me talk at length about these cars, perhaps even debating their merits on our weekly podcast. Times have changed and over the years I’ve come to appreciate different aspects of the automotive space, what each has to offer, and what I find draws me into a vehicle; even the ones I haven’t driven yet. If you’ve seen our film on the R34 GTR, you’d know how much I loved that car. About a month later I found myself driving an equally as powerful R32 GTR; a great car in every aspect, but also subtly different than the R34 in so many ways. Although I’d love to at some point, I’ve never driven an R33 GTR but I have a feeling it’s going to be a mix of the R34 and R32: Comfortable, stable, and composed, yet playful, intimidating, and sticky as hell. I love the Skylines I’ve driven, but for me the R33 GTR has a special place in my dream garage to fulfill that golden age of Japanese sports cars.

This one is simple: after owning one for over a year, I’ve fallen in love with the SW20 MR2 and the TRD2000GT just happens to be the best version ever sold to the public. These go for upwards of $30,000 and believe me, this is substantial in the world of MR2’s. Now this is where things begin to get a little interesting. I have always loved Aston Martin because of their formulaic choice of design language as well as their execution of power, presence and sound. Regardless of whether they may or may not win the top lap times of their price point, I choose not to view cars such as these like numbers on a page. If you’re thinking that way you’re completely missing the point of what a dream garage really is, or at least what it is to me. When you’re coming down to the heart of what makes an enthusiast one in the first place it’s all a matter of personal preference and personally, my taste in vehicles has shifted dramatically in the past few years. Who would’ve guessed knowledge and real life experience would have been the culprit.

I never really loved Porsches. I’m talking about my Corvette lusting days and even up to just a couple years ago. I never understood why they seemed to lack any real evolution, what was so special about the 911, or why everyone either loved or hated them. I was torn, but somewhere along the line I changed. Not sure what it was or how it happened, but I have grown extremely fond of Porsche as a brand, a philosophy, and a great power in the automotive world. Some would say I have come to respect them. Up until today I had never actually driven a Porsche. I have had the opportunity to ride shotgun in a 918 Spyder for a video we shot and that was the first Porsche experience I ever had. Things change. The 997 GT3 RS has been one of my favorite cars for awhile now and just a couple hours ago I had the opportunity to drive one. One of the many thoughts I took away from my ten minutes behind the wheel was that this car has already stolen a spot in my dream garage. Some people will tell you never to meet your heroes, but I say go out and meet as many as possible. If it turns out it was all just a meaningless fling, at least you can sleep soundly tonight knowing what is and what isn’t. Lucky for me, this GT3 RS 6-speed was everything I could have imagined it to be and more. I promise you we’ll be featuring more Porsches on the site and in video form very soon, which brings me to my next car; the 964 turbo. I love the shape, I love the sound, and I love it’s place in history. Next week will bring my arranged meeting with this particular hero so I’ll have to get back to you on that one.

The last two on the list are clearly the odd ones out and there’s a simple explanation for this. As time goes on I’ve become a slightly more practical person. Not in the sense that my daily driver still can’t be a two-seater at this point in my life, but by the time I have this dream garage a two-seater is most certainly not going to cut it. Maybe I’m just thinking a little more practically. As such, I love the idea of a V8-powered, manual sedan for family and friends, and I wouldn’t be caught dead without a truck in the garage for those days when paved roads just aren’t an option. That’s it. That’s my dream garage. Some I’ve driven and others are fragments of my imagination as far as real-world experience goes. Fact is, I could come back next week and very easily have an entirely new list for you… but that’s the beauty of my dream garage.





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