Volkswagen’s Emission Scandal, Worse Than Originally Thought

//Volkswagen’s Emission Scandal, Worse Than Originally Thought
    Volkswagen has frantically been trying to rebuild its reputation after the discovery of a device that has been installed in millions of VW, Audi, Porsche, and Seat vehicles that manipulates the carbon dioxide emission readings allowing them to appear lower than they are. On November 03, 2015, Volkswagen had understated the level of CO2 emissions in roughly 800,000 (mostly diesel) vehicles.


It was revealed that the software previously thought to have been predominantly installed on diesel-powered vehicles was discovered on 24 gasoline models such as the 1.2 lt VW Jetta, 1.0 lt Seat Ibiza and the 2.0 lt VW Passat. Volkswagen has claimed that they have notified regulators from all around the world and are allowing customers to check the current status of their own vehicles on its website ( This news was not only bad for the consumers and the environment but also for the stockholders. After this news was released, Volkswagen’s recovering stock crashed again from 111.00 to 96.00 in just a few days.

The news, though disappointing, does not come as a surprise considering Volkswagen’s current new reputation. Consumers from all over the world are wondering if the German manufacturer can ever be trusted again. Though it is obvious that VW is not out of the woods yet, the one thing that is clear is that they aren’t going anywhere. It will be interesting to see how this massive corporation deals with one of the largest automotive scandals in human history, and what they will do to keep their supporters by their side.

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