The 10 Worst Things Mechanics Have Seen

//The 10 Worst Things Mechanics Have Seen

    It is not uncommon to hear stories about mechanics taking advantage of their customers. When you are clueless about vehicles and how they operate, you are putting a target on your back every time you bring your car in to a shop. Whether they replace something that you didn’t need or even charge you for work which they didn’t even do, mechanics have a long history of taking advantage of vulnerable people. Very similar to finding a great doctor, once you find a trustworthy and reasonable mechanic you should hold onto them for as long as you can.

Not all mechanics are crooks and their jobs aren’t always very easy; even a simple oil change can turn into a scavenger hunt looking for a needle in a haystack, but the following vehicles are not like that. These customers’ cars have issues that tend to be a bit more noticeable.


This person thought the diesel went in the front and the washer fluid in the back.




It is important to note: any vehicle should have at least one oil change for every 84,000 KM.




To be fair this does solve the problem of getting the fluid from point A to B.




It is nice to see that people are trying to do their own diagnostic work.




Another reason why I am a dog person.




This person is just trying to be environmentally conscious. There is no reason to throw away a tire that has perfectly good tread still on it.



All vehicles need some TLC to get started; when that doesn’t work it is time to go to plan B.




Duralast batteries are at fault on this one. How you can sell a product without an instruction manual?



The five second rule still might be in play here. Technically it never touched the ground.




And you said duct tape can’t fix everything.



I am not suggesting that every car owner needs to be an automotive mechanic, but when you are reliant on a machine that is worth thousands of dollars to transport you safely on a daily basis, some basic knowledge is helpful. Perhaps a driving test should include a bit more than just the rules of the road as it is difficult to operate a piece of machinery properly when you do not understand the basics of how it works.



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