Introducing Russ Turnbull

//Introducing Russ Turnbull


Russ Turnbull – SEMA 2013

That Tuner Life,

I think it’s safe to say that everyone that visits this website is a fan of cars and we all have our different desires and opinions. These ideas are often shaped by the people we grow up with and the ones we surround ourselves with. I’m not exactly sure how I ended up as a car guy, especially considering that the automotive bug doesn’t run in the family.

The car addiction has worked out pretty well for me so far. I’ve been able to meet some great people and make some friends both locally and afar.

Suffice to say I’ve also been extremely lucky to be able to attend some amazing automotive events, the SEMA show, Monterey Car week & Toyotafest. I’ve been to the Nurburgring, Dirtfish Rally School and the soon to be fully revamped Peterson Automotive museum (incl. the Vault tour).

Russ Turnbull – With Matt Farah – May 2015

I’ll save you the whole story about how I got here, but my pride & joy currently comes from an extensively modified 1994 Toyota MR2. It was shown about a year ago in a Roads Untraveled “Meet the Scene” video (Link). Others may have seen it out at local Vancouver events, like the Thursday night meets (at Market Crossing), or autox events at the BC Driving Center, and I’m sure that a lot of you have seen it on TheSmokingTire’s “One Take” series with Matt Farah at the wheel (Link).

Russ Turnbull – BCMR2 running Angeles Crest Highway, L.A. – May 2015


At this moment the car is sitting in the garage waiting for me to have a little more free time to start tinkering and taking things apart. While it may seem like there’s nothing left to do, anyone with a project car knows that there is always something more to do! I take the car off the road every winter for a good clean, some maintenance and a few tasteful upgrades. I’ll be sure to provide some more details as soon as I get the ball rolling.


My plan here is to give you guys some insight into not just life as a car enthusiast since most of you probably are, but also to let you in on some of my journeys, like those listed above. That includes all the trials and tribulations of project car life, some industry news and what can basically be summed up as car culture.

Russ Turnbull – Nurburgring Gift Store – 2010















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