Area 27 Track Walk | The Pinnacle of Driving – Canada Redefines the Track

We finally made it to Area 27! The track is almost completed and paving will be underway soon but for now we took a walk along the entire track to see what each corner and section has to offer. Area 27 is a driver's club located in Oliver and is designed by F1 driver Jacques [...]

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Epic Supercar Chase on the Open Road | Area 27 Poker Run

Area 27 is a racetrack and driver's club being constructed in Oliver, BC. This weekend was all about bringing the driver's together to get to know eachother a bit better while having some epic chases out on the open road. Some of the most notable cars that participated were a Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series, [...]

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C5 Corvette Z06 Rips Up Autocross | Pitt Meadows Airport

Here's Ben Hsu hustling his 2003 Corvette Z06 around the Pitt Meadows Airport Autocross course. Marcus was riding shotgun for this lap, and it was the second quickest of the day. Enjoy! Music Used: Ross Bugden - Drive

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What Makes the Perfect Dream Garage?

Written By: Marcus Vandenberg                       At some point in every automotive enthusiast’s life there comes a time when their dream garage is written down or debated amongst friends, and another time later in life when it is seriously considered and collected. Realistically that second bit only happens for the few seriously dedicated who possess the [...]

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The 10 Worst Things Mechanics Have Seen

    It is not uncommon to hear stories about mechanics taking advantage of their customers. When you are clueless about vehicles and how they operate, you are putting a target on your back every time you bring your car in to a shop. Whether they replace something that you didn’t need or even charge you for [...]

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Volkswagen’s Emission Scandal, Worse Than Originally Thought

          Volkswagen has frantically been trying to rebuild its reputation after the discovery of a device that has been installed in millions of VW, Audi, Porsche, and Seat vehicles that manipulates the carbon dioxide emission readings allowing them to appear lower than they are. On November 03, 2015, Volkswagen had understated the level of [...]

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Automatic, Manual, or Semi-Automatic – The Ultimate Showdown

     As the years go by, the dramatic change in vehicle design is as obvious as black and white. A slower, but just as obvious, change is in the functionality of the transmissions. Finally, here is an ultimate showdown between them. For the majority of drivers, automatic transmissions have become just a way of [...]

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