Friends Help Friends Go Faster | Podcast Episode 84

  This week Marcus is joined by Grayson, Jesse, and Levi to discuss the ability to rent cars directly from a manufacturer, consumerism, capitalism, toyota supras, nissan skylines, inflation, daily drivers, racecars, offroading, and the importance of maintenance. I really hope you guys enjoy this episode and thank you so much for listening! We'll be [...]

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Grayson Rides in a Firetruck | Podcast Episode 83

  Hey guys! Hope you're having an amazing week. This week on the show we've got a bonus episode for you! Grayson is back from his trip to Central and South America with a bunch of stories to tell to tell us while Marcus, Jesse, and Levi soak it all in, providing occasional and useless [...]

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What’s Next For Porsche? | Podcast Episode 82

  This week on the show Marcus is joined by good friend of the show, Sid to discuss everything Porsche, RWB, racing, collector cars, Seattle, and Mclaren. Basically all the good stuff that gets us excited to be driving enthusiasts. Enjoy! You can follow Sid on Instagram @koicanada and @rwb_vancouver https://www.youtube.com/roadsuntraveledshow https://www.instagram.com/roadsuntraveled   Roads Untraveled [...]

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Turbo Spool and Film School feat. VodAttack | Podcast Episode 81

  What's up you guys?! This week I am joined by Matt and Ryan of VodAttack on Youtube to discuss everything that's not related to cars. We met in film school back in 2011-2012 and figured now would be a good time to chat about our experiences in the creative fields we all work in [...]

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A Lamborghini Countach in a Box | Podcast Episode 79

  This week on the show Marcus is joined by Dylan Ackimenko (@dylanackimenko) and Cole Duncan (@midnight_soul) to discuss photography, video, jdm car experiences, a Lamborghini Countach in a glass box, finding your inspiration, and everything in between. Lookout for more collaborations with Dylan and Cole on our Youtube channel and Instagram page in the [...]

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California Dreaming… | Podcast Episode 78

  Hey guys! It's just Marcus today recording a solo podcast. As far as cars are concerned, Marcus is going to checkout a tuned BMW F80 M3 down at Racing Greed in Coquitlam, BC while at the same time attempting to shoot a "day in the life" vlog for his second channel. We also catch [...]

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Our Own JDM Underground | Podcast Episode 77

  Marcus and Ulrich sit down to discuss a modified second generation 800HP Cadillac CTS-V that we recently filmed and drove in the frigid cold Canadian winter as well as our upcoming hunting day with the other podcast guests and how we should go about getting out of the city and experiencing some non-paved roads! [...]

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Mid-Engined Madness | Podcast Episode 76

  This week Marcus is joined by Ulrich, Kevin, and Russ to discuss everything but not limited to the second generation Toyota MR2 platform. We also talk about The Grand Tour. Enjoy! Follow us on Instagram! @RoadsUntraveled @ulrich_c63 @kevinminato @cdnmr2v6 www.youtube.com/roadsuntraveled www.roadsuntraveled.net www.facebook.com/roadsuntraveled   Roads Untraveled - Modified Cars | Car Culture | Supercars - [...]

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Porsche, Hawaii, and Mclaren. | Podcast Episode 75

  This week Marcus is joined in studio by Sid! A friend of the show, Porsche fanatic and RWB Canada #8 owner who has been on the podcast before. We've also featured his 911 in a couple videos on our Youtube channel. Hope you guys enjoy our conversation on all things related to cars, travel, [...]

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