Is the BMW Z4 M Coupe with the N/A S54 the Ultimate ///M Car?!

BMW Z4 M Coupe🔰BMW S54B32 Jet Tag Coming Soon! ►🔰Click to Subscribe! ►🔰Weekly Podcast! ► Hey guys! Today Marcus jumps into yet another S54B32-powered ///M car in the canyons of California to break down what it is people enjoy so much about this powerplant and the Z4 M Coupé that surrounds it. [...]

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The TRUTH About Driving a Mercedes AMG GT-S SEMA Car On The Street

Mercedes AMG GT-S Today Marcus gets behind the wheel of a Mercedes-Benz AMG GT-S SEMA build! This car belongs to Clyde over at SMG Auto in the LA area, a vehicle that has won a few SEMA trophies and awards in previous years and is still alive and kicking on [...]

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Euro-Spec 2001 Mercedes E55 AMG Wagon | He Sold An Evo 5 For This?!

Euro-Spec 2001 Mercedes E55 AMG Wagon Today, we drive one of the great Autobahn wagons from Germany, a Euro-spec 2001 Mercedes Benz E55 AMG. With the old naturally aspirated 5.5L V8 under the hood powering the rear wheels with 349HP / 391 LB/FT, it still has plenty of shove, even when [...]

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600+HP Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 8 | An Overload Of E85 In A 2.3L Stroker

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 8 Hey guys! It's been a few months since I've driven an Evo, and I've got to say they always seem to hold up to the hype. Farjam's example here is very clean, well built, and tuned to a T. With 543WHP being powered down to all four [...]

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The BMW M2 | Should We Still Miss The E46 M3?!

BMW M2 🔰 NEW MERCH DROP ► 🔰 Click to Subscribe! ► Weekly Podcast! ► Hey guys! Today we pilot a BMW M2, quite possibly one of the greatest modern M cars in existence. No, it's not N/A, and it has way too many driving aids for the seasoned automotive [...]

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Here’s Why You Need A Tuned Porsche 911 Turbo 6-Speed To Haul Your Kids Around.

Porsche 911 Turbo Hey guys! Today on the show Marcus jumps into a 2009 Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet! With over 500 HP, AWD, and a few tasteful modifications in both the power and handling departments, this 6-speed manual GT sports coupe is one of the best all-around vehicles money can [...]

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The Fire-Breathing Audi R8 Twin Turbo Widebody That Shouldn’t Be Legal.

Audi R8 Twin Turbo Hey guys! Isn't this the most insane Audi R8 you've ever seen?! We had the amazing opportunity to get behind the wheel of LMS widebody Audi R8 V8 twin turbo to see what a real flame-spitting supercar is like on the street. Should this be legal? [...]

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