Turbocharged HKS Subaru BRZ vs. JDM Toyota MR2 GT-S Turbo | Budget Boost Battle!

Turbocharged HKS Subaru BRZ vs. JDM Toyota MR2 GT-S Turbo Ever wonder if there was a much less expensive substitute for an HKS turbocharged Subaru BRZ?! Like half the price?! Well there is, it's the second generation (SW20) Toyota MR2 Turbo. This particular example is a 1994 GT-S, imported from [...]

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Is the BMW Z4 M Coupe with the N/A S54 the Ultimate ///M Car?!

BMW Z4 M Coupe🔰BMW S54B32 Jet Tag Coming Soon! ►🔰Click to Subscribe! ►🔰Weekly Podcast! ► Hey guys! Today Marcus jumps into yet another S54B32-powered ///M car in the canyons of California to break down what it is people enjoy so much about this powerplant and the Z4 M Coupé that surrounds it. [...]

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Meet The Most Insane Toyota MR2 Collector In The WORLD!

Toyota MR2 Collector This video is for you die-hard MR2 enthusiasts out there! I drove my 1994 MR2 GT-S from Vancouver, Canada to Los Angeles, California in search of Bob Pham and his gorgeous collection of USDM Toyota MR2s. Turns out this man has fourteen of these mid-engined runabouts, most [...]

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The TRUTH About Driving a Mercedes AMG GT-S SEMA Car On The Street

Mercedes AMG GT-S Today Marcus gets behind the wheel of a Mercedes-Benz AMG GT-S SEMA build! This car belongs to Clyde over at SMG Auto in the LA area, a vehicle that has won a few SEMA trophies and awards in previous years and is still alive and kicking on [...]

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Big Turbo 400HP Subaru STI vs. Tuned E85 Ford Focus RS | Tuner Shootout!

Turbo 400HP Subaru STI vs. Tuned E85 Ford Focus RS 🔰Click to Subscribe! ► 🔰EJ25 JET TAGS!! ► 🔰Weekly Podcast! ► Hey guys! Today we've got two heavy hitters in the turbo AWD corner of the automotive tuning community. Both of these examples are modified in different ways, running a [...]

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I Drove A Nissan Skyline R34 GTR In America and the Feds Didn’t Catch Me!

Nissan Skyline R34 GTRToday is a very special day for us at Roads Untraveled. Original Auto was kind enough to allow us the opportunity to drive their Skyline R34 GTR on American soil! I've driven a couple of R34 Skylines in the past, but no experience was quite like this. With [...]

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The Original 900HP Fire-Spitting Skyline R32 GTR | A Boost Addict’s Relapse

900HP Skyline R32 GTR Hey guys! Today Marcus gets a huge adrenaline rush behind the wheel of the Original Auto 830 WHP Nissan Skyline R32 GTR, powered by E85. With a single turbo RB26 under the hood and a few other cool features to keep up with modern tech, it's pretty [...]

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850+ HP BMW M Coupé “The Clown Shoe” | The Strangest BMW Ever Made!

BMW M Coupé "The Clown Shoe" Hey guys! Today Marcus is behind the wheel of a 850+HP BMW M Coupé, one of the most polarizing vehicles ever made. Is it ugly? Is it beautiful? It's a little bit of both, honestly. With a custom Vortech supercharger setup under the hood feeding [...]

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Is This 500HP 2JZ-Swapped Lexus SC300 a Supra Slayer?!

2JZ-Swapped Lexus SC300Hey guys! Welcome back to another episode of your favourite Canadian automotive show! Coming to you live from Los Angeles, California... haha. We went for a drive in Chris' 2JZ-swapped Lexus SC300, one of those swaps that just seems to make sense, considering the SC300 came with a 2JZ-GE [...]

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The Kouki-Monster S14 Nissan 240SX | A 400HP KA24 Turbo Outlaw

S14 Nissan 240SX Hey guys! Today, Marcus highlights a unique build in the S-chassis world: a turbocharged KA24 S14 Nissan 240SX. With 315 whp and 350 lb/ft of torque, it struggles for traction anytime you get close to boost, but that's kind of the beauty of it. The owner has [...]

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