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Auxiliary Interference – Discovering Ground Loop Isolators

This quick video demonstrates the massive difference a ground loop isolator can make.

Finally after years of searching I have found a solution for the obnoxious sounding feedback resulting from charging a smartphone and listening to music through the auxiliary cord at the same time. I have tried fixing this AUX interference problem by trying multiple cables, different aftermarket stereos, 4 vehicles and even an app which is supposed to remove the static sound from your phone.
After trying all of these methods to find the culprit I resigned myself to the fact that I will just have to live with it. Luckily for me I stumbled across a comment at the bottom of a “How To” forum which suggested to try the ground loop isolator. Instantly after plugging the device into my Chevrolet Cobalt the problem was solved; all of my hard/ tedious work had finally paid off. This car audio problem has been by far the most frustrating issue I have come across with my Chevy. That is why I wanted to film this short video to save anyone else who has been fighting with this stereo interference issue.

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